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OPERA | 1h | 2023

"At Dawn" is a riveting opera that masterfully weaves together the elements of love, bravery, and societal transformation. Set in a Serbian village of the 21st century, the opera embraces a feminist narrative, shedding light on the challenges faced by women and the issue of femicide. The story revolves around Stanka, a resilient and determined protagonist, who defies the constraints of a patriarchal society and fights for her freedom and rights. Through compelling characters and poignant themes, "At Dawn" explores the complexities of human relationships, delves into the impact of systemic violence, and delivers a powerful message about the importance of equality and justice. This digital rendition of the opera provides an introspective journey that will resonate deeply with audiences, inspiring thought-provoking discussions on relevant societal issues.


Katarina Mihailovic/Aleksandra Petrovic, Aleksandra Ristic, Damjan Misic, Marko Milisavljevic

A 21st-century Take on Nušić's Libretto - Premiere of the Digital Version of At Dawn in Niš

Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic's directorial brilliance shone through in the premiere of the opera At Dawn at Niš Theatre. Her modern adaptation of Branislav Nušić's libretto, set in the 21st century and presented in a digital format, captivated the audience. With a seamless blend of technology and artistic storytelling, Jovana brought a fresh perspective to a classic narrative, making it relevant and thought-provoking for contemporary viewers. The production received rave reviews, celebrating her ability to fuse tradition with innovation.

Nova S

Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic Directs Opera At Dawn at Niš National Theatre

Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic's directorial prowess was fully displayed during the At Dawn premiere at Niš National Theatre. Her masterful direction breathed new life into Stanislav Binički's tragic love story, based on Branislav Nušić's libretto. With a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of the human experience, Jovana skillfully presented the opera, earning accolades from critics and theatregoers. Her artistic vision and innovative approach left a lasting impression on the audience, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience.


A Digital Rendition of a Tragic Love Story - Premiere of At Dawn Directed by Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic

Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic's premiere of At Dawn, based on Branislav Nušić's libretto and composed by Stanislav Binički, showcased her impeccable storytelling skills. The digital version of this tragic love story took the audience on an emotional journey skillfully presented by Jovana's visionary direction. The inclusion of a feminist narrative added a compelling layer of social commentary, making the production relevant and impactful. Her artistic choices and attention to detail impressed both seasoned theatregoers and newcomers, solidifying her position as a director to watch.


Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 15.25_edited.jpg


Music Video | 4m | 2019

The captivating world of dance performance in the form of a music video featuring music by the talented Malkin Fritz. Inspired by Barbara Newman's book "Letters of Two Lovers," the performance beautifully weaves ballet, narration, and figure skating together.


Malgorzata Jadwiga Osypinska, Maciek Kus



MonoOpera | 45m | 2024

MonoOpera "Anne Frank" is a captivating and emotionally charged musical composition by the renowned Russian composer Grigory Frid. This unique and powerful work delves into the life and experiences of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl whose poignant diary, written while she was in hiding during the Holocaust, has touched hearts worldwide. Frid's MonoOpera offers a musical narrative that beautifully captures the essence of Anne's thoughts, emotions, and the tumultuous times she lived in. Through its haunting melodies and evocative storytelling, MonoOpera "Anne Frank" is a tribute to the indomitable human spirit and the enduring legacy of one of history's most profound and tragic figures.


Jelena Todorovic-soprano

Work in Progress

 Van Gogh's Letters

MonoOpera | 1h15m | 2024/2025

MonoOpera in two parts, "Van Gogh's Letters," composed by  Grigory Frid, is a remarkable musical composition that offers a unique and intimate glimpse into the life and mind of the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh. Through a fusion of music and literature, this extraordinary work brings to life the heartfelt and often profoundly moving letters Van Gogh wrote to his brother, Theo. Frid's composition captures the passion, turmoil, and profound creativity that defined Van Gogh's existence, immersing the audience in the artist's world of colours, emotions, and artistic fervour. MonoOpera "Van Gogh's Letters" is a testament to the enduring impact of Van Gogh's art and the depth of his inner struggles, providing a poignant and evocative experience for all who encounter it.


Marko Milisavljevic-baritone

Work in Progress

Cavalleria Rusticana

Opera | 1h20m | season 2024/2025

"Cavalleria Rusticana," a timeless masterpiece of Italian opera, takes us on a passionate and tragic journey into the heart of a rustic Sicilian village. Composed by Pietro Mascagni, this opera is a veritable treasure of the verismo style, known for its raw, true-to-life emotions and gripping storytelling. Set against the backdrop of a tight-knit community, "Cavalleria Rusticana" weaves a tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance, all set to an enchanting score that beautifully captures the essence of rural Italian life. This operatic gem has enthralled audiences for generations, with its powerful arias and emotionally charged duets that reveal the depths of human passion and the consequences of impulsive actions. As the curtains rise, we are transported into a world where love and honor collide, ultimately leading to a heart-wrenching climax that has left audiences spellbound since its first performance in 1890. Welcome to the world of "Cavalleria Rusticana," a timeless opera that continues to resonate with the power of its stirring melodies and dramatic intensity.


 JSM Theatre

Work in Progress


New Opera Production Establishing

Introducing "Hephaestion," a groundbreaking opera representing a unique collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence. In this ambitious project, I will serve as both the librettist and director, working in tandem with AI to create a truly innovative operatic experience.

"Hephaestion" explores the fascinating and complex relationship between Alexander the Great and his closest friend and companion, Hephaestion. This historical narrative delves into themes of friendship, loyalty, and the human condition, offering audiences a deeply emotional and thought-provoking journey through the music and drama of opera.

What sets "Hephaestion" apart is the experimental approach we are taking by incorporating artificial intelligence into the creative process. AI will play a pivotal role in shaping the libretto, contributing to the composition of the music, and even influencing the visual and staging elements of the production. This collaboration between human intuition and AI-driven insights promises to push the boundaries of opera and explore new dimensions of storytelling and artistic expression.

As we embark on this exciting artistic experiment, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey where the lines between human and machine creativity blur, resulting in a truly unique and immersive operatic experience. "Hephaestion" represents a bold step forward in the world of opera, where technology and artistry come together to create something truly remarkable.


Experimental phase / JSM Theatre

Work in Progress
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