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Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic, is a passionate and innovative theatre director driven by a deep love for the performing arts and a desire to create transformative experiences on the stage. With a focus on artistic exploration and pushing the boundaries of storytelling, she strives to illuminate the human experience through captivating productions.

Academic Journey

Her journey in the world of theatre began with a strong academic foundation. She pursued a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theatre Arts, delving into the intricate relationships between the performative elements, audience engagement, and the essence of the stories we bring to life. The doctoral research provided invaluable insights into the fusion of classic narratives with contemporary perspectives, setting the stage for a directorial endeavours.

Artistic Vision


She has developed a distinct artistic vision that intertwines creativity, intellect, and emotion throughout her career. She is dedicated to crafting theatrical experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level, sparking introspection and dialogue. Her goal is to ignite curiosity, challenge preconceptions, and provoke thought through the power of storytelling.

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